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Esperim Analytical Services

Esperim Analytical Services

Organisations capture huge amounts of transactional and demographic data about their customers and prospects and with Esperim you can transform this ocean of information into actionable insight. Esperim helps large organisations better understand their customers to drive loyalty, maximise profitability and gain competitive advantage.

We offer a wide range of analytical services and specialise in analysing & interpreting consumer behaviour based on transactional data. At Esperim, we combine technical excellence of data manipulation and applying relevant statistical techniques with marketing and business expertise to allow you to engage with your consumers more effectively.

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Esperim Small & Medium Business Analytical Toolset

Esperim For Micro, Small & Medium Businesses

For years, we’ve helped large organisations better understand their customers by providing bespoke analytical & consultancy services tailored to their needs and suitable for large marketing budgets. Small businesses usually don’t have enough resources and knowledge to engage sophisticated data-driven analytical methods. consumers’ loyalty.

At Esperim, we’ve compiled complex, enterprise analytical solutions into a suite of simple yet very powerful and cost-effective web based tools. These tools help gain invaluable knowledge of “who my customer is” to provide them with excellent customer service and to pinpoint areas of focus for your marketing efforts to maximise profitability of your business.Find out more