Esperim has provided consultancy and analytical services to large enterprises since 2008, although some seasoned consultants have gained experience in the analytical field since 2001. During that time, we’ve participated in a very wide range of data driven insight initiatives, often playing a pivotal role in strategic business & analytical projects for various corporate clients. We have a deep understanding of relationships between different business areas – analytics, business owners, marketing, campaign execs, technical support, developers/deployment. Each area is different and we’re able to adapt the language and talk to strongly technical and completely non-technical internal or external clients.

We are technical experts, with skills including SQL/SAS programming, segmentation & modelling, working with huge data warehouses (tables exceeding 1 billion records), database structure design, data marts design & build, various result delivery & presentation methods (MS Excel, PowerPoint, web-based solutions, mobile devices etc.), various analytical packages and a wide range of database systems & environments.

We’ve been praised numerous times for efficiency, accuracy and exceeding expectations in delivering results ahead of agreed deadlines. Open minded, focused on delivering results and able to adapt to any environment.

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