Organisations capture huge amounts of transactional and demographic data about their customers and prospects and with Esperim you can transform this ocean of information into actionable insight. We proactively help you better understand your customers, drive their loyalty and maximise profitability of your operations.

We offer a wide range of analytical services and specialise in analysing & interpreting consumer behaviour based on transactional data. At Esperim, we combine technical excellence of data manipulation and applying relevant statistical techniques with marketing and business expertise to allow you to engage with your consumers more effectively.

Esperim can deliver complete end-to-end analytical solution or support internal teams at any stage of the analytical process:

  • Business analysis
  • Gathering business requirements & advise on the analytical approach
  • Analysis & execution
  • Presentation & final solution acceptance
  • Solution deployment
  • Tests / user acceptance tests (UAT)
  • Results evaluation
  • Ongoing monitoring & reporting
At Esperim, we use our technical expertise to deliver results but always keep the business context in mind. It means we know the geeky technical stuff so we can use the most appropriate technique to deliver the most benefit. Most importantly, we translate it into the business language and add the “what if?” layer so you always know and understand what the recommendation is and how it’s likely to impact your organisation before making an informed decision.

Below is a short list of the most common tasks and project types we are involved in on a daily basis:

  • Data cleansing and manipulation
  • Data marts design, build and automation
  • Optimal and effective manipulation of large volumes of data (e.g. exceeding 1 billion records)
  • Behaviour modelling & prediction (wide range of methods)
  • Customer or prospect base segmentation
  • Marketing campaign evaluation and optimisation
  • Universe profiling
  • Regular and ad-hoc reporting
  • Financial impact assessment of a given marketing activity
  • Other analytical solutions – we literally live and breathe transactional data and customer analytics!

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