We’ve created a few working versions of osT+ so you can see it in action. All demo variations below use a single instance of osT+ system to enable handling of all enquiries from a central place – even across multiple and unrelated websites or businesses and by multiple teams. One installation allows to reduce costs of technical operations, for instance system installation, handling updates, maintenance, user & permission management and many more. osT+ design enables launching a new instance of customer support centre – either for a new website or another area of existing website – within minutes.

Front-end demos

These are public forms, for your customers to interact with the system – raise new tickets, browse or reply to existing ones.

1) Standalone Installation

This scenario shows osT+ in its standalone form. It’s a standalone, self-sufficient version of osT+ that can be accessed by anyone and without too much integration with internal systems.

Launch demo


2) Embedded – Publicly Accessible

In this scenario, system has been set up in a way that everyone can access it and fill out the contact form but number of features have been disabled. This example would be typically included on publicly accessible pages, e.g. contact or feedback forms. Use buttons on the right hand side to interact with the system.

Launch demo


3) Embedded – For Authenticated Users Only

In this scenario, system has been set up in a way that only users known to the parent application can access and interact with it. Authorisation is maintained by the host system – this example is suitable for restricted pages, where user is already known and authorised, e.g. account support pages. Use buttons on the right hand side to interact with osT+.

Launch demo


Adminitration panel demos

Due to the complexity of the system, richness of options available and security reasons, we are unable to offer publicly available demo version of the administration area. However, you are welcome to view screenshots of all pages (scroll down to “Administration Panel” section), Alternatively, you can simply download and install osT+ on your server – it’s free!

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