osT+ is based on the world’s most populal customer support & ticket system – osTicket. We’ve made it prettier, added extra bells and whistles and made it much easier to integrate with any website. osT+ is probably the most flexible, comprehensive and versatile ticket system around.

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Beautiful Bootstrap 3 design

Bootstrap is the most popular and versatile collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. osT+ front-end uses Bootstrap 3 libraries to ensure compatibility with wide range of modern browsers & systems, make any required changes easy and quick to implement and encourage consistency in web application design & build processes


Responsive design for any device and screen

Layout of osT+ front-end adjusts dynamically, taking into account the characteristics and screen resolution of the device used, i.e. desktop, netbook, tablet or mobile phone. It means it’ll look great on any device your customer is using


Standalone or fully integrated installation

osT+ customer front-end can be set up as a standalone, self-sufficient and completely independent system with customisable header, footer and navigation menu sections. Alternatively, it can be easily embedded in your website where one can barely recognise your support centre is in fact a separate application (see demo section for examples)


Quick & seamless integration with any website

Whether set up as a standalone or embedded installation, it requires little effort to integrate with your website to ensure both systems work together seamlessly, give your customers the best possible experience and your team tools to answer queries efficiently


Multiple configurable & independent input forms

You may have many ticket sources on your website, for instance:

  1. Publicly accessible, typical “Contact us” form
  2. Restricted access form for signed in existing customers where you may want to collect some additional details from, e.g. product purchased and purchase date
  3. “Call me back” page where your prospects select product variation they are interested in and leave some personal details

There may be many other scenarios and a few unrelated websites or businesses to serve. Additionally, enquiries from each source may need to be routed to a different support team. With osT+, it’s easy to set it all up – and modify later if necessary – in logical and business driven way


Single system instance for multiple websites & business areas

osT+ needs to be installed only once and from that central location your team can efficiently handle enquiries coming from all areas of you business. Additionally, single installation reduces costs of technical operations – system installation, applying updates, maintenance, user & permission management etc.. osT+ design enables launching a new instance of customer support centre – either for a new website or another area of existing website – within minutes. It means you have a flexible and scalable system, little technical effort required and more resources available to focus on your customers


Data synchronisation with external applications

You can exchange data with osT+ – create new tickets, create new users or update information for existing ones. You can also sign in users automatically to osT+ by an external application so customers don’t have to log in to osT+ separately to raise or review existing tickets. It means high level of integration, transparent interaction between applications and great customer experience.


Multichannel enquiry handling

Track, respond and log all customer queries regardless of the source they originate from – you can capture enquiries created via email, web forms, phone calls or any application osT+ is connected with

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…and even more

osT+ is literally packed with features and configuration options – below are a few additional ones which make the system the most comprehensive and versatile one around.


Enhanced ticket filters and routing rules

Define rules to route incoming enquiries to the right department or staff members and trigger desired action. osT+ empowers you to automate ticket routing so they reach the correct person or department immediately after being sent. Additionally, actions such as ticket rejection, automatic department assignment or even sending a canned response can be set up to further automate ticket routing and handling


Full support for custom form fields

Easily customize input forms and collect all necessary information to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Each help topic can have suite of customised fields set up independently


Staff has access only to selected customer support areas

You can set up osT+ in a way that staff can access only support areas relevant to them, e.g. developer John will be able to respond only to technical enquiries coming from website A and not financial or sales queries raised on websites A or B or C


Visual dashboard reporting

Get system overview at glance and historical statistics on tickets count and status per department, staff and help topics. Know what area to focus your efforts on


Assign and transfer individual enquiries

Transfer support tickets between staff or departments to make sure they’re being handled by a relevant person. Tickets can be assigned automatically, depending on the selected help topic or department when they arrive. Alternatively, tickets can be assigned manually or re-assigned to a particular individual or another department. All transfer and assignment notes are logged as internal notes in the ticket thread so you can keep track of where and why the ticket has been routed to for processing.


Customisable auto-responder

Configure rules and types of automatic messages sent out when a new ticket is opened, a message is received or reply is posted. It means you can set osT+ system to keep your customers well informed without unnecessary, frequent e-mail messages – all to provide great customer experience


Service Level Agreements (SLA) plans

Define and track ticket due dates with customisable SLA plans. Set up an unlimited number of SLA plans and assign them to support topics, departments or ticket filters


Agent collision avoidance system

Tickets are locked for editing as soon as someone starts responding to it – it means you can avoid any conflicting or dual responses


Rich text editor and support for file attachments

Format customer replies or internal notes posted to the ticket thread using rich text markup editor. If necessary, attach images or documents to the message for greater flexibility


Internal note system

Add internal notes to tickets so whoever and whenever picks the subject up knows what has happened to date


Enhanced activity logs

Monitor events and actions that have been taken using activity logs in message threads – know exactly “why”, “when” and “by whom”


Hundreds of options for fine-tuning your ticket system

Tweak hundreds of options in osT+ administration panel to automate tasks. Fine-tune the system and provide you customers and support staff with perfect Customer Support & Ticket System for great experience


Enhanced API

Native API has been enhanced with new functions which means there are even more ways to integrate osT+ with other applications

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