osT+ – version 1.4.2 (current version)

Release date: 24/09/2014

New features:

  • Ability to define SLAs in minutes rather than hours
  • Option to define weekly schedule for each SLA, i.e. working hours between 9 and 17, weekdays only which affect the calculated ticket due dates. For instance, tickets raised on Friday at 16:50 with SLA grace period of 20 minutes will be due on Monday morning, at 9:10

Bug fixes (thanks Steffen L. for your input):

  • Fixed issue with refreshing dashboard graph and content on PJAX requests (SCP)
  • Fixed page footer missing in certain scenarios (SCP)
  • Fixed page footer missing in certain scenarios (front-end)
  • HTTP response code 404 is now sent to the client upon attempt to access disabled sections
  • Fixed possibility to access disabled home page using “/”
  • Fixed issue when “Open new ticket” form is cancelled and user was redirected to “/” rather than selected page
  • Fixed inability to create or modify custom lists (Admin panel > Manage > Lists)


  • Performance optimisation – most JS an CSS files are now minified

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osT+ – version 1.4.1 (former version)

Release date: 08/08/2014

  • Sticky navigation bar (admin panel) feature added – users can select whether the navigation bar should stick to the top of a page when page is scrolled or not (My Preferences > Sticky navigation bar) – (suggested by chegeiser on osTicket forum)
  • Improvements to page responsiveness
  • “ost-plus-config” file has been retired – all options can be now changed from within the administration panel (Admin Panel > Settings > Misc & Admin Panel > Manage > Input Forms>)

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osT+ – version 1.4.0 (former version)

Release date: 29/07/2014

  • Improvements to page responsiveness (thanks John C. for your input)
  • Minor bug fixes (thanks to all for feedback and collaborative work)
  • Major performance improvements:
    • Code optimisation, i.e. parsing of JavaScript deferred
    • Server side (note: some servers may not support all of the options listed):
      • gzip compression enabled
      • browser’s cache leveraged
      • “keep alive” connection request added
  • Based on osTicket v1.9.2 – key features include:
    • Front-end: flexible user registration policies – user can register for accounts
    • Admin panel: user directory
    • Admin panel: users can be organised into organisations
    • Admin panel: notes can be added to users and organisations
    • Admin panel: PJAX page loading
    • Many other improvements & bug fixes

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osT+ – version 1.3.1 (former version)

Release date: 18/07/2014

  • Based on osTicket v1.8.1.2
  • First osT+ release – key features unavailable in osTicket include:
    • responsive design for any device and screen
    • front-end based on beautiful Bootstrap 3 framework
    • quick & seamless integration with any website
    • standalone or fully integrated installation
    • multiple configurable & independent input forms
    • single system instance for multiple websites & business areas
    • data synchronisation with external applications

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