1) Standalone Installation

Customer front-end where users can interact with customer support, e.g. raise tickets, post updates, review responses etc.. All available pages have been shown, however certain areas can be easily turned off if required, depending on individual requirements. See next section for embedded version of customer front-end, where osT+ has been integrated with the host application.


2) Embedded Installation

Front-end version where osT+ has been integrated and embedded into the host application. Many aspect are handled by the host system, e.g. user authentication, navigation controls etc.. osT+ itself on the screenshots below has been marked by red, dotted line – this is for demonstration purposes only to show where osT+ starts & ends and would not be normally included in production systems. You can see osT+ in action by reviewing osT+ demo options. See next section for screenshots of the administration panel.


Administration panel

1) Staff & Support Centre

Area where support centre staff can respond to customer enquiries, re-assign or open new tickets on customers’ behalf. See next section for system settings & maintenance section of osT+.


2) System Administration & Maintenance

Many individual settings can be changed and tweaked to ensure osT+ meets the requirements of any customer support centre, large or small.

(screenshots 1 – 13, see below for more)


(screenshots 14-26)